Progressive debt relief payday loans -Take a look at debt relief

The chancellor has an ungrateful but important role in society. They work to recover payments (ie debts) for companies, the bank and the state. There are many ways to get a debt account with Good Finance. The most common way is that you do not pay your bills despite several reminders, but it can also be that you do not pay your taxes on time or that you have unpaid parking fines. In short, there is something that you simply did not pay.

When the Crown Magistrate receives a case and makes a decision to register a recovery, this will be registered. Credit reporting companies take note of this and you will receive a payment note on your name. A payment note is visible for at least three years and may even remain longer than that if you do not repay the debt within that time.

Take a look at debt relief

Debt restructuring means that the person does not have to pay the entire debt, but in return, the person must live on a minimum of five years, regardless of how big or small their salary is. The Crown Magistrate makes a decision on how much you need to provide for yourself and your family, all in addition to this should be paid to the creditors (ie those with whom you have debt).

There are no rules on how large or old the debt must be in order to get a debt relief option at Dedebt like payday loan consolidation. In case of payday loan consolidation, you will merge all your payday loans.

Debt recovery

The Crown Magistrate has several ways to recover the payment. First and foremost, it is expensive to receive a payment request from Good Finance. If you had a hard time paying your invoice before, it will not be easier when it becomes even more expensive, something that will make you try to pay as soon as possible.

If you still do not pay in any of the payment claims that the Good Finance has sent, they will make a foreclosure. This means that they come to your home and take valuable items that they then sell in order to get the money that way.

Occasionally, your debt at Good Finance is so large that you cannot repay the money. In some cases, you can’t even pay the interest on the debt. Then a debt restructuring may be necessary. However, there are several criteria that must be met in order to have their debt cleared. The person must, among other things, be registered in Sweden and the debt itself must be so large that it cannot be repaid within a realistic period of time. The nature of the debt, how it came about and what efforts people have made to repay the loan are relevant when deciding on debt restructuring.

Avoid getting a payment note


Always try to avoid getting a payment note and end up at Good Finance as far as possible. You can always have a dialogue with the creditor to develop a payment plan or in some other way work together to reduce the debt. You can do this without the Good Finance being involved.

That you communicate early is often appreciated, but it does not guarantee anything, your debt can still end up with the Crown Magistrate if the creditor makes that decision. A payment note complicates your life in many ways. For example, it may be more difficult to rent an apartment, to subscribe or to take out a loan.

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